A team of professional Pilots, Aerospace Engineers, maintenance and technical experts(B1/B2), financial analysts, software and network engineers make Valkyrie Aero Consulting trusted adviser and the "Doer" across the global aviation industry. Valkyrie Aero Consulting is actively supporting its clients worldwide: The U.S., Mexico, Germany, the U.K., Uganda, Indonesia, Spain, Ecuador, Guatemala, and some Middle Eastern countries.

Valkyrie Aero fleet and maintenance forecasting model widely accepted as the industry-standard – and extensive cross-company database of more than 44 million spare parts transactions – empower confident, data-supported decisions at airlines and corporate aircraft operators nearly in 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and emerging regions.

Valkyrie Aero also is in process of establishing a higher level educational institute to introduce the " 22nd Century" higher education . This will be an educational revolution in our era.
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